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In the College of Natural Sciences, we value diversity of background as well as diversity of perspective by embracing a wide, inclusive definition of diversity, including: culture, ideas and approaches, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, geographic background, national origin, and religious and spiritual beliefs. We recognize our role as part of a broad community, and inclusive excellence requires a comprehensive approach and a long-term commitment.

With this in mind, the College embraces Colorado State University’s diversity statement and strives to adhere to its four key ideals:

  1. Broad and inclusive definition of diversity
  2. Inclusiveness and excellence are interdependent
  3. Everyone is responsible for inclusive excellence
  4. Inclusive excellence goes beyond numbers

The productivity and impact of the College is at its best when we operate with a spirit of respect, understanding, and inclusion. We strive each day to fulfill these ideals.

Introducing Inclusive Teaching in STEM Classrooms

As part of the CSU community, we are committed to inclusion, integrity, respect, service, social justice, and engagement. This Diversity and Inclusion Value Equity (D.I.V.E.) project will create an inclusive science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) pedagogy program by incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) activities into the classroom in the College of Natural Sciences. As various courses in the College are service courses for STEM majors, many students would be exposed to DEI activities with this D.I.V.E. program.

10 Years of Inclusive Excellence

Introducing the College of Natural Sciences Inclusive Excellence: 2012 –2022 Accreditation Report. Broken down into 4 sections – Personnel, Curriculum, Engagement, and Outreach – this accreditation report spans 10 years of inclusive excellence within the College of Natural Sciences.

DEIJ in STEM Ideas in Action Workshop Series

The CNS Dean’s Advisory Committee for Inclusive Excellence/DEIJ invited the departmental DEIJ committee to share their DEIJ initiatives with the college community in the DEIJ in STEM Ideas for Action series during Spring 2023. That semester, the committee was interested in promoting these programs to the larger college community to showcase best practices for DEIJ. This program will continue into Fall 2023. Below are some of the events showcased in Spring 2023.

College Executive Council (CEC) DEI Statement of Commitment

As the leadership team of the College of Natural Sciences, we know that science is shaped by the people who study it, and therefore, we are committed to building an equitable community and inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates diversity. We pledge to uphold the University’s five Principles of Community: inclusion, integrity, respect, service, and social justice. We are committed to identifying and removing barriers to provide equitable access to research, learning, and engagement. We will consciously promote acceptance and demonstrate respect, actively listen, and learn, center equity in the development of new programs and initiatives and celebrate differences among all the people in our community.

  • Dean’s Faculty & Staff Success Program
    • Funded DEI proposals to Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, and Statistics
  • Spring 2022 Mini Grants for CNS Climate Grants
$ 0 for 2 years
Undergraduate Research for Underrepresented Students
$ 0 for 2 years
Graduate Student Recruitment
College of Natural Sciences DEI Department Committee Members

















News Feed

NASA internship highlight: crunch numbers for cosmic communications

Two CSU mathematics graduate students participated in an internship at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center last summer as a part of the Space Communications and Navigation Internship Project.

Faculty suggests new approach in search for dark matter through future DUNE research project

A researcher at Colorado State University has developed a potential approach for identifying and understanding dark matter using the soon to be built gigantic particle detectors at the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

Research highlights power of interactive, gesture-based lessons when teaching abstract math concepts

The work is led by Professor Hortensia Soto and described in a new paper published in Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies. The paper showcases how gestures and body language can be used to explain abstract algebraic ideas that may be difficult for students to engage with through formal teaching methods.

Dan Bush named a pioneer member for the American Society of Plant Biology

Bush, former chair of the Department of Biology and vice provost for faculty affairs at CSU, was honored for his significant contributions to the field of plant science and the scientific community.


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