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Welcome to the College of Natural Sciences at Colorado State University, where graduate students and faculty work together to create new insights in the sciences and to make an impact on the world. Discovery begins here.


Interdisciplinary research at Colorado State showcases key cell activity in real time

Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a new imagining technique that shows key cellular interactions over time and space in a way that was not previously possible.

Two computer science faculty receive NSF Early Career Awards

Francisco R. Ortega and Vinayak Prabhu have received NSF’s most prestigious early-career award to address multidisciplinary challenges in fundamental areas such as human-to-machine communication and applying critical thinking to real-world systems.

Inaugural Fixman-Ladanyi Professorship awarded to Robert Paton

“Robert Paton, a professor of chemistry at Colorado State University, was awarded the inaugural Fixman-Ladanyi Professorship in Chemistry… “Rob is becoming ‘the’ person sought after for collaboration in computational organic chemistry. He is a dedicated and thoughtful teacher, and he is a valuable department citizen. Dr. Paton’s well-rounded excellence sets a high standard for the Fixman-Ladanyi Professorship.””

Computer science students awarded at CSU undergraduate research showcase

Winning projects include virtual forest bathing, heat island mapping, and a data visualization tool even your grandma can use.

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