Undergraduate Research

Here, real-world research is not reserved for faculty and graduate students. Getting hands-on research experience is essential and rewarding for undergraduates. Research is part of our mission as a land-grant university, and we value its role in learning and outreach. And it will help you prepare for a successful career – no matter what you choose to do.

College Research News

Computer science students awarded at CSU undergraduate research showcase

Winning projects include virtual forest bathing, heat island mapping, and a data visualization tool even your grandma can use.

CSU chemist wins prestigious Boettcher award for work predicting and controlling hydrogels

Megan Hill, an assistant professor of chemistry at CSU who wants to learn how to make hydrogels easier for researchers to manipulate, was recently awarded $235,000 in grant funding through the Boettcher Foundation’s Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards program to do so. 

Arctic ground squirrels are changing their hibernation patterns

More than 25 years of climate and biological data reveal shorter hibernation periods and differences between male and female hibernation periods.

CSU physicists make a precise measurement that bolsters longstanding quantum theory

Using lasers, supercooled hydrogen and radio frequency electromagnetic waves, the researchers characterized the magnetic interaction between the proton and electron in a hydrogen atom.

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