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At the College of Natural Sciences, discovery begins here. Research by our faculty pushes the boundaries of our knowledge – and improves lives. Students, from first-year undergraduates to doctoral candidates, are essential collaborators throughout the process at Colorado State. We know that great research comes from great people and great connections.


Exploring the future of human-robot interaction: CSU’s latest addition to the laboratory

Colorado State University’s Department of Computer Science has introduced Shakey Jr., a state-of-the-art robot aimed to advance human-robot interactions. This innovative creation has applications in household chores, caregiving and industrial tasks, signifying a new era of human-machine collaboration.

How can solar energy installations prioritize ecosystems?

Solar energy will be an important part of powering the future, and two CSU researchers have proposed a solution to make sure future installations are built with preserving our ecosystems in mind.

From spintronics to multipoletronics: How CSU research could allow for big developments in data processing

A CSU professor’s research into using an electron’s spin to carry data could help future researchers develop some big advancements when it comes to data processing speed.

Two computer science faculty receive NSF Early Career Awards

Francisco R. Ortega and Vinayak Prabhu have received NSF’s most prestigious early-career award to address multidisciplinary challenges in fundamental areas such as human-to-machine communication and applying critical thinking to real-world systems.

The College of Natural Sciences pays differential tuition for all graduate students on a research assistantship (GTA), teaching assistantship (GTA), or other assistantship (GSA).

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