Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Join in! Pursue your interests and passions outside of the classroom. Meet new people, find new connections, make a difference.

Alpha Sigma Kappa – Women in Technical Studies at CSU is a social sorority of women committed to achieving our academic goals and promoting women in technical fields, through leadership, friendship, and support. Our purpose is to promote friendship, academic achievement, unity within the organization, and philanthropy throughout the community.

Contact: Stephanie Kampf or this form


AISES is a national, non-profit organization which nurtures building of community by bridging science and technology with traditional Native values. Through its educational programs, AISES provides opportunities for American Indians and Native Alaskans to pursue studies in science, engineering, business and other academic arenas. The trained professionals then become technologically informed leaders within the Indian community. AISES’ ultimate goal is to be a catalyst for the advancement of American Indians and Native Alaskans as they seek to become self-reliant and self-determined members of society.

Contact: Aaron Benally

Amplify is a residential option for students with majors in the College of Natural Sciences. Our 400 members are students in their first year at CSU, and all live together in Laurel Village.

Contact: Allexandra Keller

The Association for Computing Machinery coordinates and plans instructional labs to teach you a new language or tool, industry guest speakers and career networking opportunities, prepare you for and attend hackathons, run coding competitions, and work to build and sustain a community to be a part of in what can often feel like an isolating field of study. More info.

ContactBen Say

The Association for Computing Machinery – Women (ACM-W) is a subset of ACM that focuses on community building and expanding diversity at CSU.

As an official ACM-W student chapter, we support, celebrate, and advocate internationally for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field, provide a wide range of programs and services to ACM members and work in the larger community to advance the contributions of technical women.

Contact: Albert Lionelle

The Biochemistry Student Association is a student run organization that aims to enhance the experience of the biochemistry undergraduate student and promote social and academic growth. Some of the ways in which that is accomplished is through one-on-one conversations with some of the top researchers on campus, social events like hikes and game nights, and community service projects. The BCSA is one way in which students can connect on a deeper level to the STEM community on campus and engage with their coursework in a more fun and personalized way. The BCSA is geared towards members of the Biochemistry Major but is open to all students who wish to participate.

Contact: Tim Stasevich

The Biology Club‘s goal is to create a diverse and interactive group of people that have an interest in any area of the biological sciences. We offer numerous club activities, volunteering, and having guest speakers of various backgrounds talk about their work. Biology Club is open to members of all majors with interests in biological science!

Contact: Abbie Reade

The Natural Sciences College Council is a student organization composed of representatives from each academic department in the College of Natural Sciences and senators from ASCSU. The representatives are undergraduate students who have either been selected or volunteered from their respective department to promote activities within the College.

The Council advises the Dean’s office by offering opinions to new policies and procedures. The Council also spends the student technology fee each year on projects aimed to benefit undergraduate classrooms, labs, and computer workrooms. The members of the Council spent over $600,000 last year to benefit undergraduate technology in the College!


Chemistry Club at Colorado State University is an American Chemical Society student chapter dedicated to teaching people of all ages about science and making chemistry a little more loveable. We work with the CSU Chemistry Department to provide both hands-on and hands-off demonstrations for all school-age groups to expand our outreach efforts throughout the Fort Collins community. Each spring, Chemistry Club at CSU travels to a national American Chemical Society conference, which is a great opportunity to learn more about the world of chemistry and the career opportunities it can offer. More information on the conference and how to go can be found in the ACS section.


Hashdump‘s goal is to increase awareness of physical, social, and electronic security. Our club participates in various security competitions, hosts demos and workshops, and invites speakers to come and share some of their real world experiences. All majors are welcome to join and participate.

Contact: Indrakshi Ray | Discord:

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in psychology. Our Psi Chi chapter provides you with the opportunity to get connected with others who are interested in psychology through meetings and volunteer opportunities. Members get to learn more about psychology through graduate students, faculty, and renowned psychologists. You can join Psi Chi if you meet certain standards required by Psi Chi and the Association of College Honor Societies (a governing body for college honor societies).

PSA stands for the Psychology Student Alliance. It is an student-lead organization that partners with Psi Chi to host monthly meetings, service events, and social events for students interested in psychology. Undergraduates of any year and any major are welcome to join.

Contact: Karla Gingerich or Sam Sickbert

SACNAS Student Organization is a local chapter of an inclusive, multicultural and multidisciplinary national organization dedicated to promoting diversity and excellence in science. We support minority students on campus by providing opportunities for professional and leadership development, community outreach, educational support, and training for careers in science technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

We aspire to be more than just a student organization! We aspire to host a space where all members of our community may come to have their voices heard!

Contact: Shane Kanatous

Society of Physics Students (SPS) is an all-inclusive club that seeks to bolster a community amongst students at Colorado State University who are interested in the field of Physics. We try to center our chapter around academic involvement presented in a fun and meaningful manner.

Contact: Michael Mooney

Stat Alliance is a student-led club welcome to all students with any level of interest or skill in statistics.

Through meetings and outside activities, you will be able to socialize and build bonds with students that share your interests. Our meetings include hearing from guest speakers in the field of statistics, introducing and making connections with faculty and graduate students in the department, social events such as hikes and game/movie nights, programming tutorials, and much more!

Contact: an officer

The Bachelors of Science in Natural Sciences (BSNS) at Colorado State University is aimed at two audiences:

  1. Undergraduate students who want to become secondary science teachers.
  2. Undergraduate students who seek a broad exposure to mathematics and the physical sciences, rather than specialization in one discipline.

Contact: Courtney Butler

The Fourth Paradigm (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Club) — no details yet.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon is an honor society for the Computing Sciences. It was founded in 1967 to recognize scholarship and professionalism and is the only international honor society for this discipline. It is officially recognized by ACM as well as IEEE Computer Society.

Contact: Sudipto Ghosh

Women in Physics is an undergraduate student group at CSU that works to encourage more women to get involved in physics. You don’t have to be a woman to be involved, you just have to support women in the sciences.

Contact: Kristen Buchanan

The Colorado State University Zoology Club was founded in Spring 2006 by a group of students who noticed that while there was both a biology club and a pre-vet club established, CSU lacked a club aimed specifically at zoology majors that may or may not be pursuing a veterinary career.

Contact: Abbie Reade | Email Updates:

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