The Natural Sciences College Council is a student organization composed of representatives from each academic department in the College of Natural Sciences and senators from ASCSU. The representatives are undergraduate students who have either been selected or volunteered from their respective department to promote activities within the College.

The Council advises the Dean’s office by offering opinions to new policies and procedures. The Council also spends the student technology fee each year on projects aimed to benefit undergraduate classrooms, labs, and computer workrooms. The members of the Council spent over $600,000 last year to benefit undergraduate technology in the College!

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Fall 2019

Meeting Schedule:

To be determined.

Current Members

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Zoe Leroux
Hunter Ogg

Lindsey Adler
Hana Belay Gebru
Nolan Bunting (Vice President)

Nancy Negrete
Julia Trowbridge

Computer Science
Westin Musser
Ethan Hendricks (Secretary)

Austin Fearn (President)

Tom Miller

Claudia Cao
Josh Johnson (Treasurer)

Sabrina Pribyl

CNS College Council Spring 2019

College Outreach