Santiago Di Pietro Professor and Associate Dean for Research


Phone: (970) 491-5302


  • Ph.D., University of Buenos Aires
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Los Angeles Medical School


This cell biology laboratory focuses on fundamental aspects of intracellular protein transport.  We are particularly interested in clathrin mediated endocytosis and transport pathways to melanosomes, platelet granules and other lysosome related organelles (LROs).  The physiological significance of these pathways is manifold.  The endocytic pathway is required for nutrient uptake, down-regulation of signal transduction events, antigen presentation, and virus internalization, while the biosynthetic pathways to LROs are critical for the biogenesis and function of these organelles.  A wide range of diseases are caused by defects in these pathways including heart disease, bleading disorders and albinism.  We have gained a solid expertise in the integrated use of biochemistry, biophysics, microscopy, mammalian and yeast cell biology, and genetics. We are applying that experience to identify new components of the transport machinery, to study novel mechanisms regulating clathrin coat formation, and to understand the link between the transport machinery and the actin cytoskeleton. Our work has implications not only in basic cell biology but also in deciphering the pathogenesis of diseases associated with defects in protein transport pathways.


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