Data Science is the discovery of knowledge and insight through the analysis of data. As such, it draws on computer science, mathematics, and statistics. It has emerged as a separate field in response to the avalanche of data from web enabled sensors and instrumentation, mobile devices, web transactions, and the availability of computing power for data storage and analysis. Modern data is challenging not only due to its large scale, but also because it is increasingly heterogeneous and unstructured. Information gleaned from this data is revolutionizing diverse areas, from health policy to high energy physics. 

Common industries

  • Software and Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Manufacturing
  • Transportation Consulting
  • Government

Common first job titles

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Warehouse Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Statistician
  • Systems Analyst

Factors of success

  • Engagement with the CSU Career Center
  • Internship or research involvement
  • GPA
  • On campus employment

Learn more about data science:

Career checklist

  • Go to the Career Center’s drop-in hours or schedule an appointment with a Career Educator to discuss what you should be doing to develop career skills. The Career Center is located at room 120 of the Lory Student Center. See or call (970) 491-5707 to see a Career Educator or to explore the many resources available. 
  • Log into Handshake, the CSU Career Center’s online location for on-campus jobs, internships, and careers. 
  • Join a student organization relevant to Data Science: 
  • Learn about concentrations offered within the Data Science major:
  • Run for a leadership role in a student organization.
  • Update your resume and/or CV for internships or on-campus jobs.
  • Attend an appointment or drop-in at the Career Center to discuss job/internship search strategies and tips for interviewing. 
  • Learn about graduate school in Data Science: 
  • Update your resume and/or CV. 
  • Present research at CSU:
  • Attend a mock interview session at the Career Center to prepare for the job search or graduate school interviews. 
  • Attend many networking events to meet employers and increase your chances of landing a job. 
  • Ask three professors and/or employers to be professional references. 
  • You may continue to use the Career Center for guidance! All services are still available to you at no cost for one year after graduation and for a small fee after that.