Undergraduate Research

Here, real-world research is not reserved for faculty and graduate students. Getting hands-on research experience is essential and rewarding for undergraduates. Research is part of our mission as a land-grant university, and we value its role in learning and outreach. And it will help you prepare for a successful career – no matter what you choose to do.

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College Research News

Writing with light

A sophisticated new tool that can make extremely small objects – too small to see with the eye alone – will mean big things for science across campus.

Simulation software with humble beginnings receives $1.7 million from NSF

Professor Wolfgang Bangerth’s software has a worldwide community of users and is now on version 9.0.

For critically ill patients on life support, CSU chemistry could help them survive

Together with trauma care doctors, CSU chemists may soon play a key role in making next-generation extracorporeal life support devices more effective and less invasive.

Connecting the dots: computer scientist Sangmi Pallickara making sense of big data

Pallickara received the 2018 Award for Excellence in Scalable Computing for her work with big data.

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