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Committees & Councils

College Curriculum Committee

  • James Peterson, Computer Science, Chair
  • Simon Tavener, Associate Dean for Academics
  • Jeff Hansen, Biochemistry + Molecular Biology
  • Dave Steingraeber, Biology
  • Steven Strauss, Chemistry
  • Kelly McArthur, Mathematics
  • Steve Robinson, Physics
  • Ed Delosh, Psychology, UCC College Representative
  • Piotr Kokoszka, Statistics

College Executive Committee

  • Jan Nerger, Dean, Chair
  • Simon Tavener, Executive Associate Dean for Academics
  • Lisa Dysleski, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
  • Melissa Reynolds, Associate Dean for Research
  • Laurie Stargell, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Mike Antolin, Biology
  • Chuck Henry, Chemistry
  • Darrell Whitley, Computer Science
  • Ken McLaughlin, Mathematics
  • Jake Roberts, Physics
  • Don Rojas, Psychology
  • Don Estep, Statistics
  • Simone Clasen, Executive Director of Development and Operations
  • Margi Cech, Financial and Research Manager
  • Cheryl Peregoy, Budget Officer
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