Welcome to Chemistry’s newest remodel, the Computational & Theoretical Chemistry Suite. This remodel brings CSU theorists and computational chemists to one space, creating collaboration internally as well as globally through state-of-the-art technology and intentionally designed work areas. The Computational & Theoretical Chemistry Suite boasts an open format with new LED lighting, ergonomic workstations, and added windows for natural light and increased energy efficiency. It is equipped with a dining area and a multipurpose room.

Theorists and Computational Chemists solve chemical problems –from conception to development to analysis– using computer simulation. This computer-focused work allowed us to remove old fume hoods and traditional laboratory spaces as well as decrease the traffic distance of solvents and chemicals throughout the Chemistry building, as the space is strategically positioned on the top floor of the Chemistry building.

Please take a virtual tour of this improved space – workstations, offices, kitchenette, lounge areas, conference room, and more – at your leisure!

To view the tour, pan around the 360 images below. Click on the small square icons to learn additional information about the space. Hit the next arrow to see more 36o images.

View this page in VR: Go fullscreen A square with broken corners indicating that it is expanding outwards  and look for the VR button A silhouette of a VR device

Lounge area

Lounge areas are strategically placed near windows and away from workspaces to create a relaxed, bright atmosphere for collaborative spaces.


A café style kitchen and dining space offers a place to relax and socialize, closed off from the work area. Options include family style seating at the large kitchen island or separate bar/chair seating on the outer sides of the space.

Graduate workstations

Centered in the main space with privacy dividers separating each desk from the other, these workstations are used by graduate students in the computational chemistry focus. “Hot desks” for short term work are located on the outside of this space.

Postdoc workstations

Brought toward the back, these workstations are more spacious with additional desk space for postdoctoral researchers and senior scientists. There is an additional lounge area near here for further conversations in a private space as needed.

Office spaces

Newly renovated offices are equipped with full upper half windows to create additional light for the space. Offices face both the main area and conference room, allowing light in new places. Each office features a desk, small meeting area, shelves, cabinets and storage benches.