began in 1990 at El Centro and the NS Education & Outreach Center has been hosting and coordinating the program since 2010 in partnership with El Centro and the CNS Learning Community. The program aims to inspire students and close the achievement gap through the consistent, weekly, personal one-on-one mentoring in all academic areas. Triunfo is open to all students without restrictions, but only provides free transportation to students from Harris Bilingual Elementary School.

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  • Free transportation to and from CSU is provided for students at Harris Bilingual Elementary School.
  • Nutritious snacks for growing minds and bodies.
  • Special events such as visits from the Little Shop of Physics, 3-D Science Shows, local authors, and CSU Lab Tours.
  • High quality mentors recruited from:

Triunfo receives generous financial support from the Bohemian Foundation. The College of Natural Sciences, El Centro and Harris Bilingual Elementary School provide in-kind support as well. Read more about the program in this news story.

Contact Lynne Judish at (970) 491-1539 for more information.