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This webpage will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.

COVID-19 Information

What should I do if I think I might have COVID-19?

Visit the CDC page for the most up-to-date information if you think you may have COVID-19: cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/steps-when-sick.html

Fall 2020 Semester Information

Fall Schedule Updates

The Fall 2020 semester will begin on August 24th with face-to-face instruction on campus. Some classes will be offered online and others will be a hybrid approach. All classes following Fall Break will be taught remotely. For more information read President McConnell’s message: https://president.colostate.edu/speeches-and-writing/important-news-about-fall-2020/


FAQs for Students

COVID-19 Guidance Related to Proposal Submission and Award Management


Will lab classes be transitioned to online/virtual learning?

Laboratory courses will continue to run through the end of the semester using remote technology. Your laboratory environment will feel very different and will take some adjustment.

Please familiarize yourself with resources at https://canvas.colostate.edu/students/. We are all in new territory and look forward to navigating this together.

Please go to your course’s Canvas page to find specific instructions for how the laboratory will operate and for when your laboratory restarts.

We encourage you to stay engaged with your laboratory courses using the technology required for the course and the opportunities the instructor provides.

Where will I get information about my individual classes?

Faculty members and instructors are working hard to transition their classes online. Students will hear from their faculty members and instructors directly regarding individual classes. Please regularly check your CSU email and Canvas for the latest information.

Updated grading information

Undergraduate and graduate students will have the option, up until June 5, to decide on an S (satisfactory) grade rather than a traditional letter grade for any of their courses in which they are receiving a C or above. Be sure to work closely with your academic advisor or faculty advisor.

Keep Learning – the official resource page from CSU for resources related to online classes

Where can I find up-to-date information?

All CSU information is posted to https://safety.colostate.edu/coronavirus. Check back often as this website is updated regularly.

Where can I find information for graduate students?

The Graduate Student Council has a list of resources across CSU that are available to graduate students: gsc.colostate.edu/

Managing fears and anxiety around COVID-19

The CSU Health Network has a helpful page: health.colostate.edu/managing-anxiety-coronavirus/

Tips for succeeding in distance courses

Where can I find information about housing and dining?

Housing and Dining Services are keeping an up-to-date webpage: housing.colostate.edu/covid-19

Are tutoring services through the PaCE Center, Calc Center, and Statistics Success Center still available?

Yes, tutoring will still be available but will be performed virtually. Please check in with individual tutoring centers for more information.

Where can I get internet access?

Teaching and Instructor Information

FAQs for Teachers and Instructors

Keep Teaching – the official resource page from CSU for resources related to moving your class online.

Canvas and Online Instruction Resources – guide from the College of Natural Sciences is a collated collection of resources for Faculty and Instructors.

Teams - Request Form for a new Team

CNS Faculty and Staff can request a new Team using the form at https://forms.natsci.colostate.edu/cns-teams-request/


How are research labs affected?

Beginning Monday, May 18, 2020, researchers must complete an application to re-start research and scholarly activities. More information can be found here : research.colostate.edu/covid19/

COVID-19 Information For News Media

Colorado State University has been recently active in COVID-19 research. For more information, please visit https://safety.colostate.edu/covid-19-information-for-news-media/

Human Resources

Keep Working – the official resource page from CSU for resources related to working remotely

Where can I find information about how to work remotely?

Teleworking best practices

Find tips and information on best practices for teleworking: natsci.colostate.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/04/teleworking-best-practices.pdf

Teams - Request Form for a new Team

CNS Faculty and Staff can request a new Team using the form at https://forms.natsci.colostate.edu/cns-teams-request/

Employee Rights: Family First Coronavirus Response Act

College Outreach