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Bridges to Baccalaureate (B2B) for CSU students

From Wolf to Ram: Welcome FRCC→CSU transfer students!

We are here to help your transition from FRCC to CSU be smooth, informed, and fun!

The B2B Team! (from left to right: Andrew, Gaby, Heather, Marisol and Luke)

This website regularly updates to list various events and programs available to you as part of the B2B program. Unless you intentionally opt-out, you are automatically enrolled in this free program. 🙂

B2B Benefits You As A CSU student:

  1. You’re part of a special co-hort of students who have FRCC and science interests in common
  2. Additional advising on navigating the new system and transitioning to being a University scholar
  3. Help with connecting to your department advisor, professors, research labs, and other campus resources
  4. Advice and help from peer mentors who have done exactly what you’re doing
  5. Events to help you connect to CSU socially and academically

Upcoming Events

Wednesday/Thursday Workshops for New Transfer Students 

3:00-4:00 every Wednesday or every Thursday at 1:00 till October 18 or 25 respectively

Wednesday Location: Clark C building, room 068

Thursday Location: Behavioral Science building 357

As a transfer student, you might have missed out on some good information that many students got during their first year here.

Come to any or all.


August 30 – Learn your major curriculum and with the help of an advisor, build an outline of classes for your time at CSU. This workshop will help you know about how many semesters you’ll spend at CSU now that you’ve transferred.

September 6 – Things you never knew at CSU: the 3-D printer at the library, the best places to study on campus, how to get free stuff throughout the semester,

September 13 – Get out of the classroom ! (What, already?) Practical experience is a great way to go deeper and apply what you’ve learned in the classroom. “Getting involved” can be totally customized to your academic and career interests. Come learn about internships, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships. You can get UPPER DIVISION credit for ALL of these at CSU.

September 20 – It’s the 5th week of classes: how’d your first tests go?  Need to adjust any study strategies? Come learn about the myths of studying, what it means to ACTUALLY learn, and take away tips for better success on your next tests.

September 27CSU Scholarships & other financial aid! Our partners in the Office of Financial Aid will join us to make sure you’re ahead of the game for the 2018-19 financial aid year. There’s nothin’ like free money!

October 4 – Transfer students are interested in getting involved in research on campus, but wonder how to go about doing it. Come learn from transfer students who have gone before you.

October 11 – You’ve made it halfway through your first semester! Come eat cupcakes and let’s talk about grad school.

October 18 – Course registration for the spring is just around the corner (gasp! I know). Bring your laptop and let’s get started so you can capitalize on that AWESOME early registration date you’ll have.

We’ll announce other programs as they come up throughout the semester! Keep an eye on this site (bookmark it!) and your email.

We enjoyed meeting you at Orientation!!!

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Keep scrolling to find links that will help you succeed here at CSU and meet the staff of B2B!!


Essential Student Resources (just a click away)


Your B2B Peeps:

Need help with something? Have a random question about anything CSU or science-related that you haven’t figured out yet? You have people to ask!
Call or make an appointment with Heather Matthews by contacting her in one of the following ways:
Phone: (970) 491-0266


When in doubt, come to Clark C67 to find out!











Meet your B2B Peer Mentors!

B2B peer mentors are current CSU students who have “been there.” They know what it feels like to transfer from community college to CSU and can answer any questions you may have!

Luke Whitcomb: Luke is a pre-med student here at Colorado State seeking a degree in Health and Exercise Science. After attending FRCC in Westminster, CO for 3 years before transferring, he knows well the unique challenges that come with adapting to the university experience. If you ever have any questions on class scheduling, prepping for grad school, major/minor advising, where to find the best coffee shops, or just need someone to talk to about all things CSU, do not hesitate to give Luke a shout.












Gaby Ramirez: Gaby attended FRCC for two years  in Westminster, CO. As a biochemistry major, she has experienced the transition to Colorado State University and the challenges that often arise from adapting to this new environment.  If you have any questions on how to navigate academic resources,  CSU or anything related to science please feel free to email Gaby!




Andrew Candia: Andrew started at FRCC two years ago and never thought he would transfer at all. He got involved with B2B and has never looked back. He is a chemistry major, a parent, and an all-around fun guy. Contact him if you’d like to get some answers about CSU, or do the Fort Collins Foodie Walk that happens in town for free once a month!




Bridges to Baccalaureate is here to help make CSU feel just like home and we’re so excited to be apart of your RAMily!!