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Undergraduate students are central to the College of Natural Sciences. You inspire us and create new discoveries. We are glad you are a forever-part of our college community. And we are here for you!

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Grad student Derek Doyle works with neutrinos, nature’s most elusive particle

CSU Physics grad student Derek Doyle is working with Fermilab to make sense of the subatomic world.

Schooling fish: Grad student transforms showcase biology aquariums

Porsche Robison has long been hooked on fish. Now she’s been able to put her passion to work on a public scale.

“Pwned!” First-generation undergrad hacks trucks, nabs prize at CyberTruck Challenge

Luis Rodriguez had never broken into a truck. This summer he walked away from the CyberTruck Challenge with an award for successfully hacking a truck’s onboard computer as well as a new interest in cybersecurity.

Summertime Standout: Meghan Casey

CSU psychology major Meghan Casey is building the foundations for a successful career that blends pediatric medicine with educational entertainment.

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