Colorado State University

Eligibility, Selection, Award, and Renewal Procedures

Eligibility for Scholarships

To be considered for scholarships awarded by the College of Natural Sciences, you must:

Selection Procedures

All complete applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Scholarship Committee, consisting of a faculty representative from each department in the College. Each application is independently assessed by at least two reviewers. Based on the assessments of all applications, the Scholarship Committee recommends to the Dean or the Dean’s designee those applicants best qualified to receive awards. All scholarship recipients will be notified by late Spring.

Awarding of Scholarships

In most cases, scholarship funds will be transferred directly into the recipient’s Colorado State University student account in two installments, one-half for fall semester, and one-half for spring semester, unless otherwise noted. If a student enrolls in only one of the semesters, he or she will receive only one-half of the award. Students must be enrolled at Colorado State University at the same time the account is credited. If a recipient chooses to decline the scholarship, the Scholarship Committee will review and reconsider appropriate applications and select another recipient. The College will retain all applications through the following spring semester.

Requirements to Maintain a Scholarship

Scholarship recipients must continue to meet all required criteria of the scholarship in order to maintain the scholarship through the academic year. Recipients are also required to attend the College’s Annual Scholarship luncheon. Some scholarships require additional attendance at other public functions.

Renewal of Scholarships

Scholarships awarded through the College are not automatically renewable. An individual awarded a non-renewable scholarship in one academic year may re-apply for an award in subsequent years, but there is no guarantee another award will be received. If awarded a scholarship that is considered renewable, the scholarship recipient must re-apply each year in order to verify that the conditions and criteria pertinent to that scholarship continue to be met.

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