Graduate Students

Welcome to the College of Natural Sciences at Colorado State University, where graduate students and faculty work together to create new insights in the sciences and to make an impact on the world. Discovery begins here.


Interdisciplinary Programs

Student Success


Professor of Physics Mark Bradley wins Interdisciplinary Award

Professor of Physics Mark Bradley is the spring 2018 winner of the individual Interdisciplinary Scholarship Award.

Mirco solutions for macro problems: computer scientist Louis-Noel Pouchet receives NSF CAREER grant

Assistant Professor of Computer Science Louis-Noel Pouchet aims to identify and optimize the areas in which our everyday gadgets are failing us.

Calling all nematologists: CSU to host the 2018 Front Range Worm Symposium, May 24

Local and regional nematode scientists will have the opportunity to share their research, learn and socialize at CSU’s upcoming 2018 Front Range Worm Symposium.

Undergraduate physics students conducting quantum mechanical research

Third-year and recent graduate of the Department of Physics Andrew Sexton and Aaron Glock are working together to explore the effects of quantum mechanics on magnetic systems.

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