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Welcome to the College of Natural Sciences at Colorado State University, where graduate students and faculty work together to create new insights in the sciences and to make an impact on the world. Discovery begins here.


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Chemists arm drug hunters with latest tool for new drug discovery

The reaction uses phosphorus to stitch together molecular rings called pyridines.

Integrative research team uncovers new clues behind tropical mountains’ stunning biodiversity

Lack of seasonal temperature variation in tropical mountains has led to species that are highly adapted to their narrow niches, creating the right conditions for new species to arise in these areas.

‘They’re working beautifully’: Photon detectors built at CSU see first light

ProtoDUNE is the critical testing and validation precursor to DUNE, which is scheduled to start taking neutrino data in approximately 2026. CSU researchers are working on the first of two ProtoDUNE cryostats.

Writing with light

A sophisticated new tool that can make extremely small objects – too small to see with the eye alone – will mean big things for science across campus.

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