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Welcome to the College of Natural Sciences at Colorado State University, where graduate students and faculty work together to create new insights in the sciences and to make an impact on the world. Discovery begins here.


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Connecting the dots: computer scientist Sangmi Pallickara making sense of big data

Pallickara received the 2018 Award for Excellence in Scalable Computing from the U.S. Department of Energy for her work with big data.

GRANT AWARD: New materials bring accessibility to topological insulators

Physics Professor Mingzhong Wu received a United States Department of Energy grant to explore the uniquely conductive properties of alpha-Sn thin films.

Red or yellow? A simple paper test detects false or substandard antibiotics

Researchers have put chemistry to work on a simple, inexpensive way to identify falsified antibiotics, offering a practical solution to a real problem in the developing world.

What homebody island birds could tell us about adaptation and evolution

Researchers led by biology professor Cameron Ghalambor are launching a study of microgeographic adaptation strategies of island scrub-jays, North America’s only island-endemic bird.

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