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Welcome to the College of Natural Sciences at Colorado State University, where graduate students and faculty work together to create new insights in the sciences and to make an impact on the world. Discovery begins here.


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Keck Foundation grants CSU $1 million to make and measure nanoscale spin waves

The next big advances in computer memory, digital storage and other electronics are going to come from very small places: the spins of individual electrons.

Who got bit? By mailing in 16,000 ticks, citizen scientists help track disease exposures

Biologists offer new insight into potential exposure to tick-borne diseases.

In responding to predation risk, secondhand experience can be as good as new

Biologists are studying how the experience of stickleback fish can change the course of their development.

Quantum magnets attract Department of Energy funding

CSU physicist Kate Ross studies exotic states in quantum magnets under extreme conditions.

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