Colorado State University

Leaving a Legacy – Steve Allen and Debbie Secor

Photo of Steve Allen and Debbie Secor

Steve Allen and Debbie Secor

“The most important experience I had in shaping my life was going to Colorado State University,” says Steve Allen. “You learn about life, how to deal with people, how to act in social situations, how to live on your own without parental supervision, and how to be responsible. It’s really a training ground for learning to be a grown-up.”

Steve and Debbie strongly believe that public education is the backbone of our country, and they are unwavering in their commitment to support it. “Public education is the goose that laid the golden egg,” says Steve. “Our founding fathers knew that we needed to inform and educate our citizens if our country was going to succeed. If we’re going to continue to have all the great things we have in this country, we must continue the strength of our public education system.”