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2016 Scholarship Luncheon

At the 2016 College of Natural Sciences Scholarship & Fellowship Recognition Luncheon, hundreds of donors and recipients gathered to share gratitude, encouragement, and inspiring stories. View photos of the event here.

You can also listen to this year’s student speaker, Josh Romero, here, and our 2016 CNS Distinguished Alumnus speaker, Dr. Dean Tsao, here.

Ten Chemistry Scholarships Created by Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Ten new full-tuition undergraduate scholarships for the Colorado State University College of Natural Sciences’ Department of Chemistry have been created thanks to a generous $400,000 gift from Michael Smith. The scholarships, announced today, are part of Smith’s larger $13 million gift to Colorado State.

Michael Smith studied Chemistry at Colorado State in the 1970s, and he is now chairman and CEO of Freeport Liquefied Natural Gas Development. He also holds an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the University. “We are very proud that Michael Smith has his roots in CSU’S Chemistry Department,” said Jan Nerger, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences. “We are grateful to him for paving the way for future […]

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New Statistics Award Marks zumBrunnen’s Retirement

Statistics building

Jim zumBrunnen has provided statistical expertise to CSU researchers for more than four decades. Retiring this year, the longtime Department of Statistics staff member is establishing an award to support outstanding statistics students for years to come.

Until his retirement, zumBrunnen was associate director of the Franklin A. Graybill Statistics Laboratory (affectionately called “Stat Lab”), which provides general statistical consulting to researchers all over the university.

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Mathematics Alumnus Ed Elgethun Creates New Scholarship

Dr. Edward Elgethun and his wife, Judith

Originally from Minnesota, Dr. Edward D. Elgethun earned his doctorate in Mathematics at CSU in 1972 under advisor Professor Frank DeMeyer. He then joined the faculty of the University of North Florida where he was promoted to Associate Professor in 1976 and received tenure in 1977. That same year he joined Lockheed Missiles and Space Company in Denver, Colorado working on satellite and space related projects in Denver, Sunnyvale, California and in Yorkshire, England. Dr. Elgethun also helped develop timing systems for the initial GPS system. In 1994 he was asked to start an algorithm and development laboratory by the Scitor Corporation to develop advanced satellite orbit analysis and digital signal processing of satellite data. He was Chief Engineer until the sale of the Lab in 2010. He started […]

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Changing Lives: Thank You for Supporting Scholarships

Colorado State University College of Natural Sciences students and donors discuss the incredible impact of scholarship support.

Donor support plays an integral role in the incredible accomplishments that our students and faculty are able to achieve.

Thank you for helping to make this possible!

Faculty Mentor Greg Florant Inspires Richter Family to Give Back to CSU

Tracie Florant, Greg Florant, Melanie Richter, Chris Richter and William Richter

Back in 2004, Melanie Richter was a sophomore biology major at CSU, and she asked Professor of Biology Greg Florant for a job in his lab. She wanted to learn how to become a scientist.

Melanie showed a “fire in her belly,” Florant recalled. Bringing her aboard, he proceeded to do everything a good faculty mentor does – things that often go unnoticed by the outside world. He helped her explore new research questions, taught her about reliable scientific results, reviewed […]

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Chemical Bonds: Alumnus Creates Nancy E. Levinger Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Nancy Levinger

Kyle Kung ’96 has created the Nancy E. Levinger Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Chemistry to recognize, and create, life-changing mentorship.

Chemistry Professor Nancy Levinger once kicked Kyle Kung out of her research lab. Now, years later, the Colorado State University chemistry major has created a fellowship in her name.

Eager to dive into research as a freshman, Kung started research with Levinger in the spring of […]

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Lifelong Connection Inspires Couple’s Gift

Kathy and Allen Brandon

Colorado State University alumni Kathy (’81, ’93) and Allen Brandon (’80, ’83, ’86) both grew up in Colorado, and both have family ties to CSU. Allen’s father earned his master’s degree in engineering at CSU, Kathy’s sister graduated from CSU, and a niece and nephew are CSU graduates. The couple’s lifelong connection to the University inspired them to include CSU in their estate plan.

“CSU is part of our core,” said Allen, a psychologist who has a Fort Collins clinical practice in neuropsychology and spiritual psychology. “The University has been a driving force from our teen years through our professional years. It is the foundation that has created so many opportunities in our lives.”

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Distinguished Alumnus Glenn Boutilier’s Grand Adventure

Glenn Boutilier and family

Glenn Boutilier, ’74, is a 60-year-old cyclist with no family history of heart disease. He bikes several times a week and, for 21 years, has taken a seven-day bike vacation of 50 miles a day with his family. So it was rather surprising when in April this year, Boutilier experienced pain in his chest, and through cardiac catheterization, the doctors discovered a 90 percent blockage in the left anterior descending coronary artery. But perhaps more surprising than the blockage is that two weeks after the robotic bypass surgery (the surgeon reroutes the heart arteries without opening the chest), he was back on his bike for a 10-mile ride, and less than six weeks after surgery, he and his wife and two daughters departed on a 4,300-mile bicycle ride from Virginia to Oregon using the TransAmerica cycling route.

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Kirk Hulbert: Leaving a Legacy

Krik with Rammies

Kirk Hulbert, a 1974 graduate of Colorado State University’s College of Natural Sciences, created a legacy gift in 2005, in the form of a charitable remainder trust, designated to scholarships in the Department of Athletics. Now, seven years later, Kirk has decided to increase his legacy gift to CSU to include the College of Natural Sciences, the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences’ Animal Cancer Center, and University Libraries.

In addition to CSU, Kirk had several other charitable beneficiaries in his estate plans until he attended this year’s annual 1870 Dinner, to celebrate the success of the Campaign for Colorado State, where he heard a presentation by Dr. Stephen Withrow, associate director of CSU’s Animal Cancer Center.

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Myron Henry

Max Stein and Myron Henry

Myron S. Henry almost didn’t get his doctoral degree at Colorado State University. He almost didn’t teach as a professor or serve as an administrator at five major universities around the country.

But, thanks to some encouragement from CSU Professor Emeritus F. Max Stein, Henry not only obtained his advanced degrees, he had a long career in a field he loved.

“Max meant a lot to a lot of students,” Henry said in an interview from his Florida home. “He was really important to the evolution of the mathematics department. I was his Ph.D. student, and he was […]

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Edna Lamb Donar Has Spent a Lifetime Pursuing Passions, Connecting with the past, and Giving Back

Edna Lamb Donar

Edna Lamb Donar has a new passion. A clarinetist since seventh grade, she is now teaching herself how to play the saxophone. So far, she’s doing well. “I’m getting so I can play it,” Donar says. “A simple thing like a saxophone is not going to defeat me.”

Not much has deterred Donar over the last 77 years. The oldest of five children, Donar grew up on a dairy farm outside Windsor, Colo. She received a Boettcher Scholarship, which granted her a full ride for all four years to attend Colorado State University, where both her parents went to school. The Lamb family regularly attended alumni picnics and other events over the years. “I pretty much knew that CSU was going to be my home,” Donar says.

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Remembering Harry Puleston

Photo of Dr. Puleston

The Harry Puleston Memorial Scholarship has been an annual chemistry scholarship for many years. In the fall of 2010, Dr. Rodney Otzenberger, a former student of Dr. Puleston’s, provided significant funding to establish a pending endowment. Through the generous donations of current and former faculty members, students, and staff, the fund reached full endowment this summer. Dr. Puleston’s legacy will now be honored in perpetuity. Dr. Harry “Shorty” Puleston was a renowned and beloved CSU Chemistry professor for 38 years before his death and a 50 year member of the American Chemical Society. In his career, he developed preservation techniques for wartime military food rations and worked on atomic energy […]

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Leaving a Legacy – Steve Allen and Debbie Secor

Photo of Steve Allen and Debbie Secor

“The most important experience I had in shaping my life was going to Colorado State University,” says Steve Allen. “You learn about life, how to deal with people, how to act in social situations, how to live on your own without parental supervision, and how to be responsible. It’s really a training ground for learning to be a grown-up.”

Steve and Debbie strongly believe that public education is the backbone of our country, and they are unwavering in their commitment […]

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