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CNSLC Staff & PALs

Allie Keller

Alexandra Keller

Learning Community Coordinator



While studying international affairs at Northern Arizona University, Allie spent some time in a rural Kenyan village, which provided valuable experience and a new interest in health inequality. This was the catalyst that propelled her to begin studying science, and she quickly began undergraduate research in a cancer genetics laboratory. While completing her master’s in molecular biology, Allie cultivated a passion for teaching science as a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow in K-12 Education. Allie recently returned from Hidalgo, Mexico, where she was a Fulbright Scholar at the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo. In April 2015, she became the coordinator of the College of Natural Science learning community. In her off hours, you can find Allie cooking up some “unusual” fermented foods, dancing, skiing, or teaching her Mexican pup English.


Robin with CAM

Jen Dawrs

Residence Director



Robin is originally from Michigan, where she grew up on a small dairy farm with three older sisters. She earned her Fine Arts Degree from Western Michigan University and also also played fly-half for the WMU Women’s Rugby Team. After graduation, Robin landed a position with a National Mobile Marketing firm, traveling for a few years non-stop and experiencing 45 US states. After her travels, Robin gained her Masters of Higher Education in Student Affairs degree from Western Kentucky University and arrived at her current position as Residence Director at Colorado State University in 2011. Robin is thoroughly enjoying her time at CSU and Fort Collins. She plans to continue in higher education at CSU for many more years to come and is super excited to have the opportunity to work with the students of Laurel Village.

What is a PAL?

PAL stands for Peer Academic Leader. We are College of Natural Sciences Learning Community residents with a love and passion for the sciences and want to share that with you through fun events. We are here to strengthen the community on the floors and in the CNSLC, with a focus on the academic side.  We are here for academic support, whether that be setting up study groups for residents or offering moral support and helpful tips. Most of us have taken the base level courses for each of our majors so there is bound to be someone that can help you. We are also here if you want to just talk or hang out. So come find us!

Peer Academic Leaders (PALs)

Lindsey Young

Lindsey Young

Student Coordinator of the CNSLC

Lindsey Young is currently a fifth year student double majoring in biology and psychology. She loves hiking, skiing, camping, backpacking, and Indian food! Fun fact, she has dressed as Gandalf for the past two Halloweens and would love to help you in biology, psychology, and writing up lab reports!


Hannah Mendoza

Student Coordinator of the CNSLC/Sustainability PAL


Hannah is a third year student majoring in zoology. She loves science, books, and every kind of animal! You can talk to her about anything you are passionate about, especially biology or your favorite study techniques.


Kylie Contreras

Science Outreach Scholars PAL

Kylie is a second year students majoring in biology. She loves Star Wars, walking, or reading. She also enjoys discussing weird topics, purposely getting lost on drives, and trying to say “hi” to as many animals as possible.

Damar Taylor

Science Outreach Scholars PAL

Damar is a second year student currently majoring in biology and minoring in business. He likes to be outdoors hiking and exploring what Mother Nature has made. He also likes to listen to music, ride his motorcycle, kick back and hang out with friends, and occasionally play Xbox. He loves to meet new people so make sure you say hi!


Lena Bruno

Programming PAL

Lena is a second year physics major. She loves baking, space, sugary foods, her ferret, and anything to do with crafts. Something unique about her is that she gets very excited about seeing dogs in public.

Zach Valadez

Mathematics PAL

Zach is a second year math major. He grew up with his grandparents in Colorado and loves to spend time with them. He is also passionate about sports and fitness with an exception to running. He especially loves basketball which he played in high school. He has also played ultimate frisbee for CSU. He enjoys a wide variety of nerdy things from videos to movies. Zach also enjoys music and is a huge hip-hop head. Feel free to stop him to talk about anything on your mind.