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Program Proposal Submission

Interested in creating a program for CNSLC residents? Read the information below! Talk to your PAL for academic program examples, and/or watch the video below for some of last year’s programs!

Who can propose a program?

What we fund:

Your program does not have to meet all of these funding requirements, but preference will be given to programs that fit within the CNSLC’s program proposal goals. These key features of your program should be emphasized in the Program Proposal application and description.

Although these are the kinds of things we hope to see in a program, we accept any submission, so don’t be afraid to dream big or crazy. In the end, science is what we do in the CNSLC, so as long as there is an exploration of science, we would love to hear your ideas.

Proposal Committee:

Funding Awards Available:

How to Submit the form:


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