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College of Natural Sciences Learning Community FAQs

Where can I find details about the move-in for the CNSLC?

CNSLC members get to move in one day early from 8 am- 4pm on Wednesday, August 15.  Starting around 4, the activities for CNSLC students will begin. We encourage parents, families and guests to explore the surrounding Fort Collins area this afternoon and evening.

Check out this site for an exhaustive explanation of all questions regarding move-in at CSU:

Note: CNSLC move-in date differs from the university-wide move-in date specified on this site.

Are there computers and printing for access in the learning community?

There is free printing for students (of a limited number of pages) in the learning community. CNSLC members also enjoy access to computers in Piñon Hall and a computer lab in the Pavilion exclusively for learning community students.

Are there any specific requirements or obligations for students in the learning community?

While we HIGHLY recommend students getting involved in the many opportunities provided as being part of the CNSLC, we do not mandate additional courses or involvement unless you are in the CNSLC Science Outreach Scholars community or Sustainability community. Students in these groups take a one-credit seminar in the Fall semester in Pinon Hall.

What is the male/female ratio?

The community is approximately 60% female and 40% male.

Is there access to faculty or advising?

There are offices for advising and career counseling in the learning community, making it easy for students to get and remain connected to resources. Faculty teach courses in the two classrooms in Piñon Hall and are also active in many of the programs held in the learning community throughout the year.

How big is the community?

The community has 400 students total. 350 are first-year students and about 50 are returning students.

What are the majors of students in the community?

The College of Natural Sciences houses 12 different majors. The diversity in our student body is something we are proud of.