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The College of Natural Sciences is committed to the advancement of scientific knowledge, preparing the next generation of educated citizenry, and creating impact in the global community. Here at the college, more than 180 faculty and more than 190 staff work to promote excellence, diversity, and inclusion on all levels – to ensure that discovery begins here.

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Dynamics of key viral attack strategy visible for first time

Researchers have developed imaging technology and computational analyses to visualize viral frameshifting at the level of single molecules in living cells.

Study: Improved worker safety linked to a good night’s sleep

The relationship between poor sleep quality and safety is tied to what the researchers call “workplace cognitive failures,” or lapses in attention, memory or action.

Antibiotic clothing, a new approach to fighting bacteria

Newsweek features chemistry professor fighting infection with new bacteria-resistant materials

Chemists could make ‘smart glass’ smarter by manipulating it at the nanoscale

Researchers have devised a potentially major improvement to the tinting speed and durability of smart glass by providing a better understanding of how the glass works at the nanoscale.


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