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The College of Natural Sciences is committed to the advancement of scientific knowledge, preparing the next generation of educated citizenry, and creating impact in the global community. Here at the college, more than 180 faculty and more than 190 staff work to promote excellence, diversity, and inclusion on all levels – to ensure that discovery begins here.

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Biorenewable, biodegradable plastic alternative synthesized by CSU chemists

Publishing in Nature Communications, the team led by Professor of Chemistry Eugene Chen describes synthesis of a polymer called P3HB.

Synthetic biologists get $1.7 million to engineer world’s strongest biomaterial

Synthetic biologists are attempting to manufacture sporopollenin in the lab using plants, and to control its properties using gene circuits.

Neutrino experiment sees strong evidence for antineutrino oscillation

The CSU NOvA group, led by Norm Buchanan, played a significant role in the analysis that led to observing the oscillation.

For American Indian youth, risk is higher for alcohol, drug use, say CSU researchers

A study published in JAMA Network Open reported results from a 2016-17 survey of about 1,660 students at 31 schools.


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