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Welcome to data science at Colorado State University. In this program, you will use computer science, mathematics, and statistics to learn how to tackle the large and complex data sets that are now at the heart of every industry. You will work alongside classmates and faculty who are passionate about solving big problems – and about making an impact.

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Concussion testing project wins RamReality Create-a-thon

Team VR-oom VR-oom won first place with a virtual reality program designed to evaluate an athlete’s readiness to return to sports after a concussion.

Grad student Derek Doyle works with neutrinos, nature’s most elusive particle

CSU Physics grad student Derek Doyle is working with Fermilab to make sense of the subatomic world.

Schooling fish: Grad student transforms showcase biology aquariums

Porsche Robison has long been hooked on fish. Now she’s been able to put her passion to work on a public scale.

“Pwned!” First-generation undergrad hacks trucks, nabs prize at CyberTruck Challenge

Luis Rodriguez had never broken into a truck. This summer he walked away from the CyberTruck Challenge with an award for successfully hacking a truck’s onboard computer as well as a new interest in cybersecurity.

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