Colorado State University

College of Natural Sciences Ambassador Program

What is the Ambassador Program?

The College of Natural Sciences Ambassador Program (CNSA) was established in 2005 to create a community among faculty, students and the staff of the College. CNSA is a student-service organization whose members work closely with the Dean’s Office staff to represent the College at various events to recruit and welcome new students to the college.

What Does an Ambassador Do?

CNS AmbassadorsAmbassadors are undergraduate students who are advocates for the college of Natural Sciences. Ambassadors serve as a resource for other CNS students and represent the College at a wide range of functions and events. Responsibilities of the ambassadors may include activities such as serving as resources for prospective students, representing the College at events such as RamWelcome and coordinating and hosting their own events such as the Annual Science Trivia Challenge.

Who makes a good Ambassador?

CNSA members are selected for their enthusiasm, leadership abilities and character. The program aims to provide valuable experience for CNS students by giving them opportunities to network with faculty, other students and community, as well as gain new skills in leadership, communication, planning and outreach. In order to achieve the full potential of this program Ambassadors are required to complete at least one academic year of service.

Group photo of CNS Ambassadors

How do I become an Ambassador?

Are you a full time CNS student? Do you have enthusiasm for the College and University? Consider becoming a CNS Ambassador!

Program Requirements:

If you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador or would like more information please contact Lisa Dysleski: