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University Distinguished Teaching Scholars in the College of Natural Sciences

The University Distinguished Teaching Scholars serve as the governing board for the Institute for Learning and Teaching. The director of the Institute reports to them each semester, seeking guidance on the long-term direction of the Institute and approval for initiatives.

Up to twelve members of the faculty at Colorado State University are given the title of University Distinguished Teaching Scholar. The title is held for the duration of their affiliation with the University. Faculty named University Distinguished Teaching Scholars have records of performance ranking them among the most outstanding teachers and educators in their disciplines, as reflected by their accomplishments as both scholars and teachers, and have received national and international acclaim in recognition of outstanding achievement.

Photo of Dr. Paul A. Kennedy
Paul A. Kennedy, B.A. (University of Houston)
M.Ed. (Texas State University)
PhD. (The University of Texas at Austin)
Department of Mathematics

Paul Kennedy is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Colorado State University. His career in the teaching and learning of mathematics spans 33 years, including 10 years as a secondary mathematics teacher and 23 years as a university mathematics educator. He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from the University of Texas at Austin in 1988.


Photo of Dr. Nancy E. Levinger
Nancy E. Levinger, B.S. (Northwestern University)
Ph.D. (University of Colorado)
Department of Chemistry

Nancy Levinger has combined her research and teaching interests through the involvement of undergraduate students in research. She directed the NSF REU program in the Chemistry Department for six years, renewing funding for the program twice. In addition, she has served on national panels and committees exploring the role of undergraduate research as an educational tool. She has spearheaded several programs at Colorado State University to increases research opportunities for undergraduates such as the Undergraduate Research Institute in the College of Natural Sciences.


Photo of Dr. Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson, B.A. (University of Birmingham)
Ph.D. (University of Birmingham)
Department of Chemistry

Stephen Thompson, Professor of Chemistry, and the Director of the Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, CSMATE, is the 2005 recipient of the Colorado State Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Dr. Thompson has been honored as one of the first four Colorado State University Distinguished Teaching Scholars in 2000.

Past University Distinguished Teaching Scholars

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