Colorado State University

Scholarship Impact Awards

In order to recognize outstanding scholars on our campus, the Vice President for Research has designated the Scholarship Impact Award, one of Colorado State University’s highest awards and one of the top annual honors for accomplishment in research. This award recognizes one top faculty member whose scholarship has had significant national and international impact.


Photo of Dr. Ellen Fisher
Don Estep, B.A. (Columbia University)
M.S., Ph.D. (University of Michigan)
Department of Chemistry

Don Estep’s research involves the development of new computational techniques, mathematical and statistical analysis, investigation of complex systems, and software development. Much of his research is focused on quantification of errors in predications made from mathematical models and computer simulations. [Full Story]



Photo of Dr. Ellen Fisher
Ellen Fisher, Ph.D. (University of Utah)
Department of Chemistry

Ellen Fisher is known for her research on altering surface properties to make existing materials more efficient, reliable, and useful in a broad array of applications, Fisher was honored by Colorado State’s Office of the Vice President for Research at the Celebrate Colorado State reception and awards ceremony today. [Full Story]



Photo of Dr. Alan Knapp
Alan Knapp, Ph.D. (University of Wyoming)
Department of Biology

Alan Knapp is best known for his research in physiological plant ecology. Scientists in this field seek to understand how plants respond physiologically to changes in the physical and biotic environment and how such responses influence the distribution and abundance of various plant species. Knapp’s major scientific contributions have redefined the understanding of vegetation dynamics and productivity in grassland ecosystems. [Full Story]



Photo of Dr. James Bamburg
James Bamburg, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin)
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

James Bamburg’s research interests have focused on neuronal cell biology, especially on a protein known as actin depolymerizing factor, or ADF. He is considered the world expert on ADF, and his papers have been cited more than 5,500 times. In the past year alone, he has published papers on early mammalian development, Alzheimer’s disease, blood platelet activation, melanoma cell invasion, growth cone guidance and kidney function. [Full Story]