Colorado State University

College of Natural Sciences Honored with 8 Top Faculty Awards at Celebrate! Colorado State

Prof. Alan Knapp

Each year, Colorado State University selects outstanding faculty, staff, students, and alumni to honor at Celebrate! Colorado State Awards, and this year, College of Natural Sciences community members received eight of these awards.

Prof. Don Estep

Prof. Don Estep

Professor Alan Knapp, of the Department of Biology, Professor Don Estep, chair of the Department of Statistics, and Professor A.R. Ravishankara, of the Department of Chemistry (and Department of Atmospheric Science in the College of Engineering), were named University Distinguished Professors, the highest academic honor the University bestows.

Professor Ravishankara

Prof. Ravishankara

Associate Professor Kim Hoke, of the Department of Biology, and Associate Professor Melissa Reynolds, of the Department of

Chemistry, were named Monfort Professors, a two-year title and monetary award.

In the Department of Computer Science, Associate Professor Shirdeep Pallickara received the Board of Governors Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award.

The Scholarship Impact Award went to Walter Toki, a professor in the Department of Physics.

And Debbie Crans, a professor in the Department of Chemistry, won an individual Interdisciplinary Scholarship Award.

The honorees were recognized at the Celebrate! Colorado State Awards event April 18.